Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stopping the Runaway Train

Yesterday was one of those days.  Before lunch I felt completely out of control with my work.  I know why and I finally found some time yesterday afternoon to come up for air and at least take a look at what was on my plate so I could feel comfortable that nothing was slipping through the cracks.

BUT... I didn't breathe through the process and I ate cookies from Jason's deli.  And later in the afternoon, I was about to grab another and, but wait... I stopped myself:  "No, you're not hungry and you don't really want that."   I think this is the first time I have ever stopped myself in that manner.

Scarfing down cookies that really aren't that great before assessing if I'm hungry definitely falls into the not good category.  Stopping myself from doing it again definitely falls into the good category.

Today's challenge:  even more delectable sweets that really are good.  I don't need them or want them right this minute.  And I'm putting up calendar reminders this morning to tell myself to breathe.  And I'm going to breathe myself right through not indulging in those sweets today.

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