Friday, November 18, 2011

It's OK

What If Dad Is Right And I Really Am Okay?

I read Karen Anderson's After the Before and After Blog just about every time she makes a new entry - and just about every time I read her entries, I gain a new insight.

I caught up with some reading this morning, and once again gained a new insight.

I REALLY AM OK. I had a therapist tell me that many many years ago. I didn't believe him. And at this very moment, I feel I MUST start believing it.

I'm OK when I feel anxious
I'm OK when I feel sad
I'm OK when I feel happy
I'm OK when I feel strong
I'm OK when I feel weak
I'm OK when I feel pretty
I'm OK when I feel frumpy
I'm OK when I feel.

This makes me feel very strong and very powerful.

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