Monday, December 12, 2011

The Birthday List - part two

I'm still working on this....


- establish a mindful eating practice - track hunger levels, focus on eating, satiety and stress

- establish a quiet reflection practice

- keep a gratitude journal


- Knitting
- a sweater
- mittens or hats for people who need them
- a cat blankie (to learn to purl better)

- Cooking
- Bake muffins & cookies a few times a year, because I enjoy doing so
- Routinely roast veggies, make salads, and soups for myself

- Reading
- NO weight loss books or blogs (except on MFD)
- More fiction - including my guilty pleasures of romance and mystery novels
- At least two books I should have read in college, but didn't

 - learn about raised bed gardening (specifically flowers)
 - learn about native herbs 

 - Establish monthly technology free days - where I don't use a computer, iPad or iPhone with the exception of answering the phone or listening to music.

- establish a yoga practice
- ask D for foot rubs
- be more regular with pedicures
- walk in the neighborhood

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