Sunday, June 3, 2012

A shout out of gratitude

Recently,  a reader left a comment on a very old post Punishing Myself With Food and we corresponded back and for a bit  - investigating the feasibility of our forging a support relationship for each other.  To be honest - I sucked at it.  I'm awful at leaving comments on other people's blogs - I read the blog, I appreciate the blog and don't comment. And I'm worse at email correspondence.  I apologized to the reader.

But her reaching out to me triggered a desire to start being more active in supporting myself.  This blog is one of ways I've supported myself in the past  - it provides a writing outlet and a place for feedback should it be offered (it is welcome!)

So, this post is simply a thank you to the reader who reached out to me.  Thank you for reawakening in me the desire to write more about my journeys and to realize the value of this blog.

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