Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Recap

It has felt like a tough, but good week.

I met my intentional fitness goals, but not so much my food goals. Perhaps I was too ambitious to do a salad a day when I know I get bored with eating the same salad over and over?  I'll eat as many salads as I can - but not to the point where I have backlash.

I've discovered some interesting blogs lately and am feeling inspired to do some simplification in my life.  The first area will be my closets.  I have 3 closets crammed full of clothing most of which no longer fits.  I'm purging all the trendy items that I feel I won't wear even if I get back down to that size.

And I'm beginning to plan a sort of uniform.  Skirts and sweaters for work (mainly knee length A-line) and cardigans.  And skirts (again with the knee-length A-line) and T's or button down's for weekends.  I've got work on it.

But for now, purging my closets of the clothes that cause me to scream at myself is my first step.

One of those blogs - Be More With Less has some great ideas on simplifying aspects of life.  One little baby step at a time.

And when I do that, I can take time to appreciate the little joys on my walks - like ripening blackberries:


  1. I just discovered your blog, and I will be back. I've been decluttering for the past couple of months, and it does feel good. I feel much less immobilized by the sight of things I don't need and never use. Empowerment can be simpler than we think!

  2. @ E.Jane, thanks for stopping by. I do think clutter in our environment can be indicative of clutter in the body, mind and soul. I know walking into my closet full of beautiful clothes that do not fit can easily make me forget all plans to be kind to myself. That's one of my main reasons for purging it.


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