Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aware of the 4th of July

And this is a good thing!

First of all, Happy 4th of July to everyone!  I hope you are safe, happy and well on this holiday.

Next, I may be developing my next 'foodie' crush.  First it was Michael Pollan, next it was Mark Bittman and now trying to edge in at the top is Michael Ruhlman.  Humor will get me every time. Check out his Butter is a Vegetable post.  It's funny and true!

And I'm on day 3 of Appetite Awareness Monitoring.  I thought I'd hate the form, but I find I like it.  Mostly it's making a few marks and note.  No measuring, not weighing, no looking up calories. Instead,  true honest awareness of my body's hunger and satiety signals - and my responses to those signals.  With no judgement!

Day 1 went well - but I went to bed hungry and stayed hungry all day.  Even with trying to respond appropriately to the signals.  That was Monday.  Yesterday, I responded to the signals - only to figure out after dinner that the signals weren't from my stomach, but my head.  I had overeaten.  The good news - I didn't beat myself up.  I just thought about why and how it happened and I know it was a result of Monday's not eating enough.

Today (Day 3) is going well.  I hadn't planned on eating breakfast, but my stomach was being rather persistent.  So, a small breakfast. Then D and I went to a taqueria and I had chicken and shrimp tacos.  I love those real taco's - NO CHEESE.  The salsas were all very hot and my mouth was so on fire I couldn't really tell what my stomach was saying about satiety. I decided to stop eating. I felt like I'd eaten enough and I knewI was no longer hungry.

A friend is helping me stay on track and I really appreciate her efforts.  Support is good.

And on the intentional movement front  - so far so good for July.


  1. Love how you are using food as your window and lesson plan!

    1. Thanks! It is amazing how much I feel better when I listen to my body!


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