Monday, July 9, 2012

It's feeling great

I am loving how I feel now that I have been respecting my body's cues for the last week.    Strong, attractive, sexy, kind.  Did I mention kind?  And strong?  :)

This week, the monitoring asks me to take it to a different level - to note my eating urges and my conscious decisions to eat or not eat.  In the past, the decision to stop eating has always been well beyond fullness.  With this week of feeling great under my belt, I'm looking forward to learning more about my thinking patterns.

And I moved 4x this past week - careful walks on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.   Saturday's walk was an adventure with strange snarling dogs.  We both left the encounter unscathed physically but I will admit, I was a bit shaken.   Then on the way home, another much more friendly dog decided to walk with me and she followed me all the way home - and stayed for a few hours.

More later

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