Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kindly Accepting: A New Way Of Doing

What is:

1) Due to other choices (avoiding 2 hour commutes and getting up at 5 AM), I eat breakfast and lunch at my desk

2) Eating at my desk leads to mindless eating as I'm working while I eat.

What I want:

To mindfully eat most of the time and not worry about tracking, measuring, etc.

Hmm.  What I want and what is my reality right now don't exactly mesh.  And it's causing stress in my body and mind.  A new way of doing is in order and I've decided on a compromise.  I generally take my breakfast, lunch and snacks with me to work.  I will continue to do that - except I will begin portion control.  I will take just what I need with me.  And after 30+ years of dieting, I actually do know what a real portion is.  I will focus on the first and last bites of  my breakfast and lunch - eating them mindfully.  For my dinner, I will eat mindfully.  The entire meal.  I generally eat too much dinner.  It's good.  The dinner, I  mean - not the eating too much.  I will concentrate on gratitude for the food, enjoying the food and paying very close attention to my body.  I'll strive for conscious decisions to stop eating when I am just full.

So - because I like bullet points, to wrap things up:

My New Way Of Doing

  • Mindful first and last bites of portion controlled healthy breakfast and lunches
  • Mindfulness throughout the entire dinner meal - with conscious decisions to stop eating when I am just full.


  1. And that is how I finally managed to lose my weight. By acknowledging what was and figuring out how to work around it in the most efficient, painless way possible.

    Go, you!


    1. Peach, thanks.

      I'm still struggling. But think I'm having more OK than Not OK eating days.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. How is it going? Give yourself grace.

    1. Thank you. It's going a bit slowly and not as gracefully as I would like. Thank you for the reminder.


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